Love, its been described as a strong feeling of affection, a great interest in something, a feeling of warm personal attachment and by far the funniest most untrue definition in my opinion, nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing.

I believe that true love is when you find that one person that completely consume your body mind and soul, that special one that leaves your heart filled with an immense feeling of self content, the person who understands you and accepts you entirely without ever asking you to change, doing or being something you are not, or don’t want to do.

Love is a rare finding, and i really do believe that the majority of people never actually find real love, they find something similar and learn how to build it into something that work or might not work for them.

There are no certain way to be sure if you’ve found real love or not, as people grow and evolve in themselves, how each individual will grow is something you cannot predict in the beginning.
I definitely found real love the day i met my husband. Ups and downs is a for sure in any relationship it is the manner in which you handle it and each other.

Respect and UNCONDITIONAL acceptance is the two most important aspects of love, in my opinion. Work hard at being the best partner you can be, forget about “me” and rather start thinking of “him/her”.

Our love has reproduced two amazing boys, which taught me to even love more and more intensely, to give up more of myself in order to teach my boys what love is and how amazingly special it is when you find real love.

Love yourself and your family with everything in you, treasure it and keep it close to your heart as it is for sure one of your most valuable belongings.

Have a very happy and love filled Valentine’s day.