In order for you to plan you perfect wedding and not break the bank while doing so you need to PLAN PLAN PLAN…..
Keep a file of all your ideas and dreams in order to plan your dream wedding. It is very possible to host your perfect wedding with a reasonable budget in mind. a Few guidelines to keep in mind;

1. Know your budget
Sit down and decide which areas of your wedding are truly important to you, to some it might be having the perfect photos afterwards, to some it might be their dream outfits and dresses, and to others the food might be the most important detail of the day. List the different categories of your wedding from most important to least important to you, for example;

– Venue
– Dress
– Photos
– Music
– Thank you gifts
– Alcohol beverages at reception
– Wedding cake, etc

with each of these categories there will be subcategories, list everything you can think of and decide how much you are willing to spend on each.

2. Do research
There is much to learn from other people’s mistakes and triumphs. See what worked for previous brides and where they felt they came short with their own weddings. Sit down and discuss these aspects with close friends and family who recently got married, it is important to remember, that although it is your wedding, the input of close friends and family who knows you is very valuable.

3. DIY
Do it yourself is the key word to budget weddings. There are A LOT you can do yourself at a fraction of the cost a supplier would charge.
– you could make your own invitations or design an e-card
– you can make your bridesmaid’s gifts and not buy them something
– plan and gather your own decor items, find a theme that you love but which you can easily do yourself, using your grandmothers old vintage teacups instead of a look alike vintage vase will add so much more memories and sentiment to your day.
– Ask a friend or family member to bake your wedding cake of cup cakes
– should the venue allow it, make your own punch and pour it into stunning self made jars for pre drinks.
– make your own confetti and confetti holders

4. Go minimal with flowers
There is no need to have any flowers at your wedding, instead of spending thousands rather use something you have in your garden, you can easily make your own bouquet the previous day with flowers from your own garden. Rather have something simple and elegant than spending to much on something that will die the following day.

5. Ask you friends and family for help rather than gifts
This is also a great way of involving your family and friends and to tie and create special bonds. Most of us have an aunt who is extremely creative and has nothing to keep herself busy with during the days. You might be surprised at how talented your friends and family are.

Lastly Enjoy the planning, and DON’T Stress. At the end of the day none of the small detail matters, what matters is that you tied the knot with your soul mate, your husband or wife with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life. Treasure this forever.

Happy planning
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