My Dream of being part of events and WEDDINGS

I’ve been actively part of this AMAZING journey and experience of planning, coordinating and assisting with weddings since 2010.

It all started for me when my Dad, one day asked me what i wanted to do with my life, as he regularly asks his girls, where after all of us shut down immediately and assume he’s asking because he is angry with us or wanting to push us into having dreams and goals which we don’t yet have.  It was only recently I discovered that all his questions and stares was and is still, only because he cares so deeply for us and only wants what is best for his 4 daughters.   At first I didn’t really had an answer to this out of the blue question that would satisfy him or more importantly satisfy ME completely.

In hind sight, it really wasn’t that difficult question after all.   I knew in what direction I wanted to go, I just needed a push, which I got!

I love people, organizing, planning, making, doing, and most of all being a part of people having fun and enjoying themselves.  So it was clear I wanted to do some sort of events planning.  Not to bore you, my dream became a reality when, once again my dad, had a brainwave to go into the hospitality industry in Cullinan, and pulled me in, from there OAK HOUSE was born, and the rest is history.

My dream finally had a name, Oak House, how proud am I today to say that I’ve been part of something so scary and frustrating at times but all together so absolutely fulfilling.   I’ve discovered so much about myself and what one is capable of in stressful and not so stressful situations, what makes me tick and most important of all how to run a let’s call it a “semi successful” new business.

I still have a lot more to learn, but I’m confident that Oak House will have many more successful wedding, events, parties and conferences.

I don’t tell you this often, it’s just not how our family rolls, but I love you dad, thanks for giving me this opportunity to live MY dream each day.