Preparing for a wedding is always a trip down memory lane for me.  I relive my own experiences of planning, stressing, preparing, fighting, feeling, crying, laughing, and enjoying our wedding day.  It is truly a very special time in a person’s life.

I have the privilege to plan and be a part of dear friend’s wedding at Oak House venue in two days. Being a part of their journey made me realize again how special a marriage really is.  The bond, the complete and utter trust, the acceptance of another human with his or her faults, the unity of two unique and different personalities to form a partnership for life, these are the important things , the things that really matter.

Your relationship is influenced by family, friends, society, but these factors are not the reason your relationship was started.  Your love and understanding of and for each other is what connected you in the first place, and this is what will keep you united as a married couple.   Don’t let anyone or anything have a negative influence on your relationship, listen to your spouse, always have their back, stand up for him or her even if you don’t totally agree, just do it because this is what will make your marriage stronger.   There is always a time and a place to sort out your differences, and there will be differences.  Be respectful of your partner and talk and treat him or her like you would want to be treated.

This has worked for my marriage for the last 8 years, we have a long way ahead, and I cannot wait to spend every second with my husband.  He is the most amazing man, father and life partner I could ever dream about, and I would not change a thing.  Be grateful for you spouse and marriage it can be gone in a second, appreciate one another and NEVER stop laughing and making jokes together, it is like magic!

Diamonds I cannot wait for your wedding on Saturday, stand up straight and enjoy your day to the fullest, it will be one to remember.

All my love